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Most of us came into Loyola in 1985 in the UKG class. A chunk of others joined us in the 5th Standard. The junior school years were memorable in that we developed our affinity for sports in those years, dreaded examinations and studied with a fear and fervor that we unfortunately could'nt replicate in later years.We were taught by some really wonderful teachers but everyone still had their favorites.

The Dream Batch we call oursleves took primitive form in the 8th standard when we were ganged up and touted to be the school's academic cream(!) and placed in the ICSE class. We certainly did well the first 3 years securing a school record equalling 43 distinctions and 1 first class. But these 3 years also witnessed the nascent growth of a carefree, indisciplined and what some say arrogant streak in us.

The Plus Two Years were the best years in all our lives. We were uncrowned kings of the school, the little boys were scared and respected us, most of us had begun sporting moustaches and we were always looking for new ways to have fun with the net result that studies took a back seat. But the hours spent chatting in the shade of the trees, day after day of cricket and basketball games, long walks after tuitions, contact classes etc etc had fostered in us such a unity and brotherhood that will last the test of time.

Corridors of Happiness

Dream On!


Here's a list of some of our favorite achievements:

LaFest 1997
Midnight's Grand Children - School Day Drama
1997-98 Loyola Basketball Trophy

Here's a list of some favorite incidents: