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Sequence of Events

1980: The majority of us are born making the world a funny, troublesome and untimately(hopefully) a better place for everyone around us.

1984: The majority of us step into the hallowed grounds of Loyola in the UKG class.


Class Teachers
UKG - Teresa Madam and Vimala Madam
1 - Grace and Bhanumathi Madam
2- Merl Murray and Suku Joshi
3 - Maithri Rath and
4 - Elaine Job and Renjini Madam

1990 - We step into senior school and along comes a brand new set of future Loyolites from other schools.

Class Teachers
5 - Radha Nair
6 - Ponnamma Mathew
7 - Sara Madam

1993 - We step into the ICSE section in the 8th. Starts wearing pants. Agil gets selected to the School Basketball Team. Class Teacher - Manorama George

1994 - We show signs of becoming the future devils of the school with the famous "mashi incident".

1995 - We become 10th standarders. Senthil becomes the Asst. School Leader. Shenoi is School Basketball captain.

1996 - We make a glorious entry into the +2 with 43 distinctions in the ICSE Exams.
Despite the 12th being present we are unofficial kings in school.
Class Teacher - Mrs.Deepa Pillai

1997 - Our class wins the Loyola Basketball trophy for the school.We have never won the tourney since 1997. Team Members - Shenoi Vidyasagar, Mahesh K.P, Mathew Abraham, Apu Martin Thomas

We organize the 2nd LaFest a superb success. Thomman utters the words "If you can dream can do it"

School Leader - Krishnachandran

1998 - We stage the School Day Drama "Midnight's GrandChildren" celebrating India's 50th year of Independence leaving the audience gushing abt the most professional drama they saw in their lifetime . Unarguably the best ever school day play. Script - B.Krishnachandran & Rajakrishnan B.R

Ganesh uses the words "Dream Batch" to describe has stuck on forever. He also single-handedly brings out a class yearbook...a first in the history of Loyola. We carry it with us wherever we go like a bible.

1998-02 - We part from each other at Loyola but by then the greatness of the school and our bonding has been etched indelibly in our hearts.

2002-05 - Geographically we have moved further and further away but reunions, internet and most importantly memories ensure we stay in sync and in touch

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